Me with one of my adorable nieces!

Hi! I’m Jenny Rasmussen, a back-end leaning full stack engineer hailing from SE Michigan, just outside of Detroit. I am currently a Software Engineer III at Intuit MailChimp.

I started coding after watching the Google I/O keynote (the year of Glass and GoogleX’s internet balloons over under-connected continents) in 2012. I had dabbled with HTML and CSS at the end of high school and early college, but never really got into it until I saw just how much you could change someone’s life with technology and coding during that keynote.

Since then, I have learned a lot. As you can see from my LinkedIn and my resumé, I have taken many classes, and worked on many projects that have expanded my comfort zones. Not knowing a language or a framework hasn’t stopped me yet, and I am always interested in the next challenge.

Outside of work, I enjoy writing, yoga, sewing, reading, and bicycling. I also enjoy spending time with my family. I’m a Doctor Who fanatic and theater nerd. Please enjoy my space on the world wide web! If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!